Jakob Kvist & The Art Of Light


This video is a portrait of Copenhagen-based lighting designer and artist Jakob Kvist. Jakob is a Danish light-artist who works with a site-specific approach works primarily with the light’s analogue opportunities through the use of light filters, light fixtures and lamps. The light is developed so that the location’s history and distinctive architectural character is accentuated, explored or challenged.
The video was made for his exhibition “Beam me up” which was held at VESS (Vesterbro Showroom) on the 20th – 25th of November 2015.

Client: VESS
Website: vess.dk
Services: Film Portrait

Director: Kristoffer Kirketerp Frandsen
D.O.P: Christian Kirkeby
Sounddesign: Søren Bech
Music: Kenton Slash Demon – ‘Syko’
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Year: 2015