Xolo Island – ‘Takin’ Over’

Live Session

This video is a live session we made for Xolo Island’s newest single “Takin’ Over”, which is a mix of electronic pop and flirty rock.
Xolo Island consists of Christian Sørensen on guitar / keys and singer Jens Kristiansen, who might be a natural frontman as his brother Mads Kristiansen was the lead singer for Reptile Youth. Jens has found his expression in love-driven pop melodies instead.

Client: Playground Music
Services: Live Session

Vocals: Jens Damsgaard Kristiansen & Christian Schødts-Sørensen
Drums: August Vinther Ottsen
Director: Kristoffer Kirketerp Frandsen
Christian Kirkeby
Editing & Color Grading: Christian Kirkeby
Recording: Jens C. Thuren Lindahl
Mix: Jens C. Thuren Lindahl
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2016